About us

A long, luxurious soak in the bath. A zen-like space to indulge yourself.

At Austin Bathrooms, we get how important it is to take time out. But why settle for something average? With our bathroom ranges, you can create your own haven of serenity with serious style credentials. Simple, stylish design and precision engineering is what our products are all about. Our minimalist collections come in contemporary white, so you can create a real sense of space and tranquillity in your bathroom. And if your bathroom is smaller, we’ve designed a range of functional furniture with clever storage solutions. Give your bathroom the makeover it deserves with our chic range of furniture.

Cutting-edge design. Seriously sleek lines. Long lasting quality.

Our bathroom furniture ticks every box thanks to our unique MarbleTECH material. Our unique MarbleTECH material is a stone rich product made from finely ground marble minerals which is mixed with a special premium grade resin. The result? You get marble-like bathroom furniture that’s smooth, non-porous and lighter.

A natural stone bath tips the scales at around a ton, so it’s a great alternative if your floors aren’t up to supporting that much weight. The basins and baths we craft are seamlessly solid and warm to the touch. And our innovative casting process means you get cutting-edge design and seriously sleek lines. Plus, the clever technology allows slimmer line designs, which means with things like our freestanding baths, you get more room inside.

But it’s not just about practicality. We heart all things beautiful at Austin Bathrooms, and our MarbleTECH products really set us apart from run-of-the-mill ceramic or acrylic. With our bathrooms, you’re getting something seriously glam, bang on-trend and with a lovely natural sheen. Because MarbleTECH is so flexible, you get sharp stylish edges and fine design details that you just can’t get with ceramic and acrylic. And, as they’re stone rich, the quality – which is as important to us as model looks – is first-rate.